Lifting solutions

We have developed a patent applied for lifting clamp for the safe, easy installation of our Europanel™, Rockspan™, Firemaster™ and Rainspan™ range of composite cladding panels, when laid horizontally.

The combined SWL of a pair of clamps is 500kg; so a pair can safely lift the longest composite panels that Eurobond currently supply. The clamps work by gripping the flanges on the top of the panel by means of a cam and wedge mechanism. A half turn of the actuating lever is all that is required to lock the clamp onto the composite cladding panel. This technique allows the insulated composite panels to be installed without damage to the panel face, which can occur when suction devices are used for the installation of composite panels.

Safety features include a spring loaded pin that holds the cam in the locked position, a mechanism that tightens the grip on the composite cladding panel during lifting and in the unlikely event that there is a failure of the composite panel or the clamp, a set of safety strops are included to prevent the insulated composite panel from falling.


The Benefits of Mechanical Handling Techniques

  • Increased productivity - realistic installation of up to 600m2 of composite panel a day
  • Full compliance with H&S and CITB due to the removal of manual handling on site
  • Time savings - being able to install 600m2 of insulated composite panel a day allows for earlier project completion, meaning contractors are able to complete more projects in a year
  • Significant labour cost savings are provided, through reduced labour and faster completion on site
  • Reduced damage to composite cladding panels on site

Composite Panel Clamp Components

PLC With Straps

  • 3m spreader beam
  • Set of safety strops
  • 2 clamps
  • Safety chain
  • D shackles
  • Delivered in a toolbox

Each clamp is CE marked and comes with an instruction booklet.


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